Developing your Intuition

“I thought it would be handy to give you some tips on how you can start to develop your own intuition”

I’ve learnt over many years to develop my intuition to a point where I can trust it, trust it enough to base serious decisions upon it. Trust it enough to help others and advise others to make decisions based upon it too. I was a classic daydreamer as a child, throughout school, throughout my life I have always spent an inordinate amount of time daydreaming, even now as an adult I easily get lost in my thoughts. So I have always been more than comfortable with visualising things in my mind and have been able to pick out my own inner voice for a long time.

On my journey of self discovery and over the last couple of years I have been able to develop this to an ‘advanced level’ using my intuition to help and coach others in business/careers. So I thought it would be handy to give you some tips on how you can start to develop your own.

We need to strip this right back…we are a ball of energy. Now thinking about us as a ball of energy is actually quite important when it comes to intuition because when your energy interacts with another energy, be it from electrical devices or other people’s energy then it can affect your own. As an example lets just think for a moment about being with a person who drains you of all your energy, almost like a dementor from the Harry Potter books, someone who is low on their own energy almost feeding on and sucking out yours – I think we all probably know and probably avoid people like that for this reason. What a massive impact that can have on your whole being, your mindset, your physical energy, it can affect your whole day.


So as we’re going to be tapping into our own physical energy at a very basic level,  one of my first tips is to remove yourself from any other energies or distractions, that might be to go and sit on your own somewhere, without any devices around you, without any other noise – now I know that can be difficult in a family house, but it’s important to find that space. It’s also nice to make that space your own when you’re wanting that time out in the future. On finding that place, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes, again this blocks out other visual distractions and helps stop your mind from wandering. Look at the darkness of your closed eyes and imagine that is your mind, an empty space, no thoughts about what’s for tea or picking the kids up, just an empty space that you can see and take in all around you; ignore those occasional noises that pop up, concentrate on listening to your breathing & that empty space….

“Your body is a complete communication device”

Skin hair

Now think about something really special to you, something that makes your heart giddy, it could be your family home, it could be your dream holiday, think about that special thing, visualise it – now hear that inner voice that comes to your mind on thinking of that special thing, what’s your inner voice saying, listen to it, your inner voice will react to what your thinking about. Stop your mind wondering off into other things, now how is that special picture evolving, how is it making you feel, does your breathing change? does your gut react, does your heart flutter? Your body will react in many different ways to that special picture, and when you put those feelings and that inner voice together, your body is communicating to you. Your body is a complete communication device even without speech, the hairs around your body react, you may sweat, your tummy may get butterflies, you may even yawn – now that’s an interesting sign! Your body will be communicating a huge amount of feelings to you all the time, but with all the energy disruptions and noise going on all the time around you, you’ll be completely oblivious to it most of the time. In essence the more distractions and disruptions you remove from your immediate area the more it allows you to tap into senses to truly listen and understand what your body is communicating.

My second tip is to ask yourself a question in your head, don’t say it out allowed, ask yourself a question you know the answer to – What is your name? Your inner voice will come back with the answer in a split second. Ask yourself another question – what’s your son or daughter called? Ask yourself lots of questions you already know the answer to, get used to hearing that voice, yes it sounds like you, but that’s because its coming from you. Now ask yourself a question you know is wrong – is my name Bob? You will instantly answer this question, without thought it comes to you straight away.

“Because it’s the real you, and the real you is worth listening too. The real you always work to your higher good”

So how does that exercise help? It helps you to pick out and listen to your inner voice, it will also place an emphasis on how important it is to you to have quiet times of reflection, it may take lots of attempts and practice but everyone is capable of hearing their inner voice. Why is that something you’d want to seek out? Because it’s the real you, and the real you is worth listening too. The real you always work to your higher good, no matter what your facing in life, the real you will always look after you.


Now this is a very simplistic view of how you can start listening to your own intuition. It’s when that inner voice starts kicking in on demand that it will help you the most, giving you ideas, helping you to think of solutions to problems, the more you use that inner voice, the more it will help you, and you’ll be able to use it in a deliberate and resourceful way.

Over time with regular practice you’ll be able to pick out that  inner voice amongst the noise and chaos of normal life without having to find that quiet space and that’s when that inner voice of intuition really comes into its own. It’s fair to say that I’ve been developing mine now for years and at a more advanced stage I can call mine the strategy tap, once I turn it on the ideas just flow, it has made such a huge difference to my life and the people I work with, in fact its exceptional at identifying solutions and strategies, both of which I have relied on heavily throughout my career and business life. And having realised how anyone and everyone can tap into their own to varying degrees, it’s such an honour that I now get to help other people develop theirs, or use mine to help them develop their business/career.

So lets get started developing yours and let me know how you get on!

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