Affirmations V Afformations


Two completely different ways to help manifest your goals and dreams. But, they are different, both can be used, or one preferred over the other, how do they differ and which should you be concentrating on?

I have been using affirmations for a while in connection with my dreams and goals, but, I was only introduced to afformations this year and love the logic of how they work.

Both are related to positive thinking and self empowerment, and if that’s a journey you’re interested in and haven’t used either or both then this is the perfect blog for you to read…


A positive mindset is something that I certainly work hard to achieve and devote at least 1 – 2 hrs to everyday. Life has a habit of conditioning you, no matter who we are. As children we start off in life with huge dreams and goals, my son wants a Ferrari and collection of super cars when he’s older and my daughter has had dreams of being a popstar, we dream without restrictions at this age, but as we get older our dreams soon shrink to the size of our incomes and self belief.


As adults in order to open up ourselves to the possibility of big goals and dreams again, work on our mindset helps us to overcome those years of imposed restrictions and limiting beliefs, helping us to feel that anything is possible. That in turn attracts more positive experiences into our lives and as someone who has experienced this first hand I know how much it can change your life and your outlook for you and your family.

I have used Affirmations for sometime to help me re programme my limiting beliefs. It’s helpful to anyone who believes the phrase – ‘You are what you think.’ Affirmations are about strengthening your belief in yourself and your capabilities. Using Affirmations such as – I am calm, serene and happy in myself, could be used by someone who was feeling stressed. It helps you to change your mindset, and by using the right affirmations it can help and contribute to you manifesting your goals.



Great Affirmations to use around Business or Personal goals should be linked up to your dreamboard if you have one (another great visual tool that helps enormously towards goal manifestation). As an example you could use, I am a highly regarded & successful business woman, a respected Author and Business Intuitive, speaker at National & International conferences, empowering others to fulfil their own potential. Now all those things are on my list of huge Business goals, but when I say it I really believe it will happen, because in my mind it will – I’m attracting it. I’ve asked for it, it’s my intention, I believe it and when things start to happen as they already have I show massive gratitude – all important in this process.

Afformations on the other hand can help you find solutions to help you on that path to your goals, taking advantage of the fact that your brain loves to answer the questions you ask it. They also help with that voice of negativity which can always creep into an affirmation if your mindset isn’t in the right place. That little voice can say, ‘successful business woman – you’re not capable of that, who would ever want to work with you? What do you know about business?’ If you’re someone who experiences that with your affirmations or you are great at affirmations but want to find out what actions you need to take to hit those goals then consider using the Afformation.


If I was to say, “How have I become a successful business woman?”. I am asking myself a question. The natural reaction your brain has when you are asked a question is to answer it. One of my current Afformations is: “Why am I feeling so serene?”.  Instantly my inner voice and brain are trying to answer that question. The answers come and potential solutions that I am looking for come too helping me achieve that serenity I’m looking for. So, rather then the voice of self doubt and negativity when you ask yourself a question, your brain is immediately distracted and tries to answer the question for you. I see this as one of the most basic ways that you can bring out your intuition and inner voice, helping you with solving your own problems or challenges, they bring out ideas, strategies, and massive light bulb moments!

So, find yourself a quiet place and meditate using your own Affirmations or Afformations. Get into a routine and rather then meditate darkness,  start thinking about affirmations or afformations. And if you don’t meditate just say them to yourself in a quiet moment, a place where you have chance to think without distraction.

Good Luck!

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2 thoughts on “Affirmations V Afformations

  1. Great blog about these exceptional tools Claire. Big fan of afformations which I just thought was a misprint when I first came across them about four years ago . My daughter brought one home to do as homework for her health kinesiology treatment – it was one of the first times I realised the daughter was starting to t each the mother always an interesting shift. Nowadays we just take it in turns!

    1. So glad you and your daughter came across this concept Jo, otherwise I may not have put such an importance on them! 😀 Claire x

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