Working Less & Creating More


When you learn how to channel your thoughts properly, consciously as well as sub-consciously, those thoughts can have a profound effect on your life and you can start to see life very differently…

These are my thoughts on how you can use them to empower yourself, helping guide you to smoother roads ahead; which from my experience could mean working less and creating more – how many of us could benefit from that?!Glasses to the world

Everyone has thoughts, probably, every moment of every day. If we started to listen to these thoughts we would start to realise what these thoughts are like. Are they generally positive thoughts or negative thoughts? When I say listen to ourselves, I actually mean LISTENING to what we are thinking and being conscious of it. Once you realise how your thoughts are loaded on a day to day basis and you are listening to yourself, then you will understand how much work you need to help those thoughts remain more positive.

But, why is that important?

Thoughts are vibrations. They are energy. Once a thought is created, that thought goes out there, into the Universe. Whatever that thought is and however it’s loaded, in a positive or negative way, the concept regarding the law of attraction kicks in and HEY PRESTO you start attracting to yourself that same level of vibration which then comes back to you. Its a simple law of the universe. But why isn’t the law of attraction always that easy to facilitate and help ourselves with?


HappySo, by adjusting and channelling our thoughts in a more positive way, we can affect the vibrations that we attract back into our lives. A fairly straight forward and simple concept. When we decide that the thoughts we are channelling aren’t positive enough for what we want to achieve out of life, that is when we need to look at mind-set and personal development to help those thoughts on the surface level – the conscious thoughts. We seek to recognise and influence those conscious thoughts, in order to change the vibration of what we’re attracting back into our lives.

Day to day, mind-set and positive development, reading and listening to motivational CD’s, and looking at motivational quotes etc. are all things that help to influence our mind-set and attract better vibrations and better energy back into our lives.

So how do we get to the root of channelling our sub-conscious thoughts?

Our subconscious thoughts are much harder to recognise and influence. Because of that, often our conscious thought can battle our sub-conscious thoughts, neutralising the vibrations we want to attract back.

So, how do you influence both?

Personal development in my opinion helps you to address your conscious thoughts very effectively. Spiritual development in my opinion helps you to influence and take control of sub-conscious thoughts. Why do I think that? Because, since I have been developing both areas of my life I have been far more effective with influencing both, thereby attracting more of what I want into my life. And this is also happening for the people I coach.


GroundingSo, where do you start with developing spiritually and addressing the sub-conscious channelling of your thoughts? This process can take some time, just as personal development does to evolve and grow. One of the best places to start is meditation, and this is why a huge amount of successful people meditate every day, it’s the gateway to personal and spiritual development, it’s also the gateway to opening up your intuitive abilities and importantly a tool that helps you to stay grounded. Personally I meditate twice a day. There are so many different levels to meditation, it can evolve itself from just peace and darkness, to seeing coloured auras and hearing your own inner voice and intuitive thoughts. Meditation is your gateway to that higher level of intelligence.

I work on mine everyday and I can’t tell you how much it has helped me and the others I coach to develop. So start Meditating today, there are some great Guided Meditations to follow on You Tube to help you get started – let me know how you get on!

There is also so much more you can do to help this process and to develop yourself. For some helpful tips and tools as well as guest speakers why don’t you come onto my Intuitive Development Club using this link . I look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Love this Claire, I was one of these people that thought I couldn’t meditate always too busy my mind always buzzing and I am so blown away how it has helped relax me and get more done because I deal with everything in a calm and collective way. Thank you it’s amazing.

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