Claire Walker
Intuitive Mentor & Practitioner

I help others work from and find their place of neutral – this opens the door to them accessing and using a huge range of intuitive tools, allowing them as individuals to enhance their own journey of self discovery and/or their practices as therapists, energy workers and practitioners.

claire walker

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Hello, I’m Claire and no matter how you came to find this page, I wanted to leave something on it that you may find timely & beneficial.

I am an Intuitive Mentor & Practitioner with a simple approach to helping you unlock the hidden tools you never knew you had.

I like to think of it as natural magic.

Working with me will help you to find your own place of neutral, important in helping you have conscious space & balance for receiving ideas and nudges, feelings to do certain things, making certain decisions & choices, enabling you to work in your highest interests.

Following your intuition means from my experience that life can be so much smoother, easier, harmonious, it can remove or avoid the barriers and hurdles, it can help you to thrive & reach your potential.


I’ve created a route for the most common groups of people that find me for their next steps below. Pick the route through this site that you can relate to the most and you will find something that helps you determine YOUR next steps….

“Everything created has to start somewhere – a thought, an idea, an urge, or deliberately sought guidance… isn’t it better to be consciously aware of that potential and learn how to trust it?”

Claire Walker, Intuitive Mentor 


Podcast Links

Claire’s popular Podcast Intuitive You is running now across all major platforms, the second series is about to be released. Access all series from here.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is the video platform Claire uses to give insights into larger Intuitive learnings. Keep up to date and subscribe to Claire’s YouTube channel to get notified when new videos are released.

Claire Walker Intuitive Mentor workshops

Pre-Recorded Courses

Access Claire’s school of learning on Teachable, and all the pre-recorded courses for you to access and complete in your own time & in your own area of interest. Courses are delivered as meditations.

Coaching Programmes

Access Claire’s school of learning on Teachable and the 1-2-1 coaching programmes for intuitive mentors. These programmes are ideal for those looking to hone their mentoring skills for a particular purpose.

Intuitive Development Club

A forum bringing collaborators & like-minded people together, with the intention of sharing & empowering others with wider knowledge, philosophies & skills that allow us to grow, evolve and explore, using the group as a sign post, trigger or contributor towards our journeys forward.

Resources Hub

Access to all the resources Claire & some of her collaborators can offer in helping you with your own journey. A hub that keeps on growing as you do.

1-2-1 Mentoring

Claire is an excellent guide to have alongside you on your Intuitive journey, either for a brief or longer period. This is bespoke support designed to help you with your own individual journey and circumstances, opening the right doors to tools, skills & troubleshooting as you need, when you need. Each session is recorded and is highest interests led by your own guide through Claire.

Claire Walker Intuitive Mentor workshops


Access details & booking for Claire’s next live online workshops, as well as accessing the recordings of ones that have already taken place. A great place to learn more about the various subjects in depth & access tools for your growing toolkit.

Latest Updates

Trusting your intuition!

Most people have all sorts of voices going on in their heads every day. But if you can wheedle out that inner-voice and intuition and go with your gut and feel confident in your gut then it can take you down the most amazing path.


And then it got me thinking….empowering others whether in your family, in your career, in your business, it has got to be one of the best things you could help anyone with, isn’t it? Because isn’t it about the bigger picture, not just the bubble that surrounds each of us….

Finding Yourself

Does anyone else live their life with multiple identities or is it just me? Join me on my journey of self-discovery, identity challenges, and the daily juggle of trying to have it all, as well as hearing my thoughts and advice on different aspects of that journey.

“She will always go above and beyond to help”

It’s been over a year since I met Claire and she started mentoring me on my intuitive journey. I had previously been studying a lot about self-development but nothing resonated with me as much as the information and guidance I received from Claire. I’ve found that with dedication, trust, persistance and willingness to use all the knowledge and tools Claire has given me, I have been able to move forwards in a way I would have never imagined. Claire is also a giver, so she will always go above and beyond to help and advise. I feel so privileged that we crossed paths and blessed for having her as a mentor.