Trusting your intuition!

There’s no getting away from it, you are the person you are today.

You are the person you are today because of all the choices, decisions that have been made over the weeks, months and years that have lead you to this very moment. So, if you are a strong believer that things happen for a reason, just as I am, it enables you to reflect back on all those incidents and occasions over the years and realise, understand maybe, why some things happened and some things didn’t.

I’m from a working class background. My dad was a bus driver and my mum was a book keeper. I decided not to finish my education. I dropped out of my A-Levels and decided I wanted to learn ‘on the job’.

Think about your childhood. Think about some of the decisions your parents made for you; maybe good or bad choices. They have all contributed to who you are today. Although you didn’t realize it at the time, the choices and decisions you made as a young adult going into the big wide world just as I did have also contributed to who you are now.

All of those choices and decisions could have just been tiny, tiny things. Tiny choices and decisions every day, probably hundreds a week, maybe even thousands a month. They all came together and they’ve shaped your life to that you’re actually leading at this moment.

When you break it down like that, when you examine what got you to this point….. I think, what it does for me, is that it enables me to understand how I can shape and build the future, turn it on its head; rather than just going along for the ride it enables you to take control and decide what you actually want to do in life. It might take hundreds or thousands of tiny decisions and choices over the coming weeks, months and years ahead. If you have those goals in mind, that’s what you’re building towards.

What is it that helps you make those decisions and choices?

I personally think it has a lot to do with intuition.

Follow Your Intuition

When I think back about why I made certain decisions on the journey to where I am now, I think about intuition, because, I have always tended to follow my gut, but it’s fair to say, I haven’t always trusted my gut. As you get older those gut feelings, from experience of knowing whether they’re are right or not, gives you the confidence to follow your gut more and to listen to yourself.

Most people have all sorts of voices going on in their heads every day. But if you can wheedle out that inner-voice and intuition and go with your gut and feel confident in your gut then it can take you down the most amazing path.

I now feel confident  from those years of ‘practice’ and self development that I can trust my intuition.

What exactly is intuition though, that’s a whole other Blog in the making! Importantly for me, I am in the place that I want to be. And yes, it’s not always easy to get to the place you want to be, but that’s what life’s about. I don’t want to be here in this place forever either. I want to move on and develop into who I can become. I believe we’re all here to learn. If we’re not learning, we’re not developing or growing.

So, what’s your intuition saying about where you are right now?

Do you need to do something about it?

It’s so easy to procrastinate over what our gut is telling us to do and do absolutely nothing.

What does your intuition sound like?

Yesterday for example, my gut told me I needed a day off, and I listened. Today, I feel totally re-energized for doing so.

This week I have had lots of people come to me with business problems they needed help with, and rather than go to bed, on a few occasions, I’ve have sat up and helped them with the problems until late there and then. My intuition told me that that person needed help and I was the person who could help them, and I needed to help  them now so I did.

My son came home recently really upset and unsettled by something unusual that had happened at school. This is so unlike him; my intuition was telling me that this had to be taken seriously, and that’s what I did. After a bit more digging I realised that actually there was a bigger picture happening and as a result we’re now planning to place my him into private education; my intuition tells me that this change will help him in the future and that the unsettlement at school recently has happened for a reason, will we have to make some sacrifices as a family to enable us to do this, yes but my intuition is telling me that this is important and it will be worth it. So as a family we have taken the appropriate steps to rectify it. It’s not just about my intuition, as a collective as a family it’s about our intuition as a family and talking it through and that’s what we did.

Head in hands

I can equate it to those times in life when you see something and it’s glaringly obvious that something needs to change, and you sit back, nothing changes you choose not to do anything about it. Then something else happens and it’s like someone is shaking your shoulders a little as if to say “Come on! This needs to change.” But, you choose again, to sit back and do nothing. Then a whopping great big thing  happens and it’s like someone is shaking your shoulders really hard and saying “Oh my goodness! This has to change! Do something about it now! You can’t wait!!” and that’s how I equate my trust in my intuition, that’s how I measure it, that is how I’ve learnt to understand and how it has given me confidence in my own inner voice, because I’m not getting to that latter stage anymore.

Now I feel I’m starting to recognize things when they are put in front of me the first few times, and I’m taking action before I’ve got to the point where someone is doing that metaphorical shaking of my shoulders, telling me “Oh my goodness! This has to change and it has to change now! You can’t go on like this!” and I think, this is easier and you get to recognise this situation, the more experienced you get in listening to your inner voice you’ll tend to avoid this from happening.

Have you had times like this when you can remember this huge alarm bell being placed right in front of you signalling DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

I suppose, what I’m trying to say is, that’s why and how I’ve come to be on this path right now. At first, perhaps, my shoulders were being shaken violently until I made a change. And, because it took me such a long to make that change that also meant that it took me longer to make that decision and my journey on that pathway was a lot slower as a result. Now that I have become more adept at recognizing what needs to change, I think my journey has become a lot faster. I am recognizing things a lot earlier that need to change and I am reacting quite swiftly.

Can you actually relate to this? Is there one thing in your life at the moment, where you are almost having your shoulders shaken because something needs to change, but there is a fear that is holding you back from making that change?

You can do it!

When I made the massive jump from leaving a secure career behind, because I longed for that freedom, away from convention and restriction, and that freedom to be a mum and fulfil my potential still – in business but to be a mum at the same time to my children in the way I wanted to be. I couldn’t have worked another week in the job I was in. I was absolutely exhausted with everything. That was the metaphorical shoulder shaking that I needed to make that change. But it had to come to that before I did anything! I knew if I continued I would have burnt out.

Since making that change my pathway has been so much clearer, I was meant to make that change, I took the right path at that crossroads at that time, and as that pathway stretches out ahead, leaves yes often fall onto the path in abundance acting as small barriers and hazards, and now my skills are tested in a different way in keeping that pathway clear. I’m taking in as much of the scenery as I can, learning as much as I can, I’m enjoying the journey, looking to fulfil my potential as a person, not wasting a second, and at the same time checking the path next to me to make sure the family are with me, the people I care about are with me and importantly you’re with me too….

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