Blueprints & Beyond

Are you looking to enhance your life and/or business? Aligning your highest interest and your purpose to smooth and create the path of least resistance? Perhaps you’re going through a period of transition? Or looking to create space in your life for growth? Perhaps you have a new idea you wish to use to create and setup a business with? I can help you with all of that and more….


Full Blueprint

Includes a 60 minute discovery session

Creation of intuitive blueprint document including guidance, dictation, life purpose

Delivery of blueprint session

Comprehensive Tasks and steps to help you move forwards in alignment

( includes 8-10 hours working time)



Hourly Sessions

60 Minute Intuitively led session

Focused on your current challenges, goals & priorities

Higher self based guidance

 Hugely impactive hour that will move you forwards

Can save you Time, Money and Worry

Can be done via Skype, phone or in person

Power session

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Intuitive development aligning to Purpose & Highest Interest

Enhanced guidance and intuitive direction on Business & Life matters/periods of transition

Implementation & enhancement of blueprint Source related downloads to enhance skills

Social Media & Web based platform strategist

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