Putting my finger on what is helping the most!

I’ve been thinking today, what is it that I’m trying to achieve with this blog, my businesses, and the different identities that I have. What is my purpose? What am I actually out to achieve?

I was helping to coach someone the other day and a word was given to me that I think sums it up – she said “Thankyou I feel so empowered!” I was quite blown away and elated by that, how fantastic that I could help someone feel so strongly. I love that idea that you can help someone to feel empowered, ready to take on the world. That was I suppose exactly what I wanted to happen from that session I just didn’t have a word for it – but I do now.

After, I thought a little more deeply about what it means to empower someone and help them feel empowered. How could this help them? What if I set out with this intention in mind and was more deliberate in my efforts to help empower others? Would this help me to be a better Coach and Mentor? Effectively as a Business Intuitive I’m naturally empowering others I suppose all the time, I just haven’t recognised it specifically. Could this help me to help our children? Golly the possibilities of deliberate use….

What is it about? It helps people feel in control, that they can make decisions for themselves, take the path they want to take, be responsible for their own journey, feel motivated and enthusiastic about it and feel positively uplifted when they think about it. What a great feeling?!!

To be empowered is to feel like you can achieve anything and feel excited about what’s to come knowing that its actually your decision about what happens next. Its a great feeling, empowering in itself to know that I had helped them get to that place. What an amazing reward that would be, helping others who need help to get to that place but at the same time feeling empowered yourself for doing so.

It has got to be one of the best things you could help anyone with, isn’t it?

EmpoweredAnd then it got me thinking….empowering others whether in your family, in your career or in your business, it has got to be one of the best things you could help anyone with, isn’t it? Because isn’t it about the bigger picture, not just the bubble that surrounds each of us and the I I I, the me, me, me, isn’t it much bigger than that? Isn’t it about the us and the we and the ‘whole.’

So I had to wonder…How can we help each other to feel empowered in a deliberate, conscious way? How can you open somebody’s eyes to the world and make them feel that they’re in the driving seat and can go any direction they wish? How can you make them feel confident enough to make those big decisions, to not be submissive to others and know what they want? How can you help someone feel like that and put them in that place? Imagine helping your son or daughter to find this place, perhaps you have already? To find this place of confidence that they can be anyone they choose to be and that decision is in their power – unaffected by restriction and negativity, self doubt or a lack in confidence, what a wonderful gift that would be. What a wonderful gift that would be to hand to anyone!

Are you in the driving seat?

Empowered2Surely, to give the gift of empowerment you have to be in that place first yourself? So in answer to that question, do you feel empowered right now? Do you feel that you’re in control of your life, able to make any decisions, happily taking responsibility for everything you do, feeling alive and in the driving seat? If you’re in that place, if you’re feeling empowered, that will radiate from you. It’s infectious, people will want some of what you’re on!

If you’re not feeling particularly empowered right now, do you just stand there and admire the people that are, not considering your own position? Or are you motivated to become empowered too, but you just don’t know how?

So, how do you help yourself and others to feel empowered? Wow! What a valuable tool that would be to develop. I’m going to cover some ideas around that & how you can help others in future Blogs, so watch this space!

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