Crossroads – which path do you take?

So, you’re at a crossroads, you knew it was coming….. The signs are in front you and you have to make a decision. Which way do you go?

The answer to this is normally really simple. You already know the answer, it’s whether you have enough guts to follow the path you really would like to choose.

You could just hang around at the sign post for a while and see if the decision is made for you? How many of us have been there, hoping the decision is taken out of our hands?!

Whilst the crossroads have been motoring towards you, your intuition had started to kick in. The crossroads are approaching they were telling you and you listened to that because this is when your gut told you, oh no…decision time is coming. Your intuition will then tell you which path to take and it will always go with the ‘higher good’, but are you listening to that part? Do you want to listen to it? Perhaps this is the path that’s harder to take for whatever reason and maybe you enjoy a quiet life? However is a quiet life for your higher good?

What if those crossroads were put there for a reason? Don’t you think that everything happens for a reason….?

It could be a crossroads is a test to see where your loyalty lies? It could be that there may be a completely different path waiting for you and it’s time for you to turn off and make the change. It’s always hard leaving things that you are used to, in that “comfort zone” we talk about. It can be like a form of grieving when you turn off onto a new path, perhaps you’re leaving people behind, a job behind, a new place to live where you don’t know anyone? It could mean all sorts of new things happening, this change we’re about to make, and most of us don’t like change do we…? This is why its sometimes very hard I think to listen to your intuition particularly when it’s taking you out of your comfort zone and it’s telling you to go onto this new path. In my mind when it does this it means that something much better is awaiting you, because your intuition always works for your higher good – put simply its self preservation but at a higher strategic level.

Sliding doors

It’s that ‘sliding doors’ moment, that one split second when your decision can change your path completely. I would always advise you to “go with your gut” and follow your intuition. The harder the decision at the crossroads, the more life-changing the result will be. Your gut will still know what to do, but how do you read it? If you imagine going down that path at the crossroads, what does your gut tell you? if it flutters and gets excited, you will know that it’s the right choice to make. If your gut is full of dread thinking about it then again you’re being told. Perhaps your gut is full of dread staying where you are? Now I can totally relate to that in the past…

When I decided to leave the security of my long career and follow a completely different path, I knew I was making the right decision and I knew I was meant to go through change, even though I didn’t know the outcome, I put my full faith in what my intuition was telling me, I had let go of the outcome. Some would say that it was foolish or brave perhaps, but I knew that it was the right thing to do. I cannot begin to tell you how much my life has changed, in a positive way, compared to how it would have been had I stayed where I was, and followed the path I was on. I now realise that the path I was on wouldn’t have been an easy ride had I stayed on it.

Green lights

I like to compare it to that old analogy of travelling down the high street with all the traffic lights on green – how good does that feel when it actually happens…not often, but it’s great when it does! Metaphorically this is always a good sign and a measure to me that you’re on the right path. If you are constantly arriving at ‘red lights’ barriers and hazards, I think you need to question whether you’re in the right place? Perhaps it’s the proverbial shoulder shaking to make you realise that you should have taken the other turning and it’s time to re-visit those crossroads?

Although it has to be said no path is completely smooth, each path is a journey and you learn different things no matter which route you take, it’s just a matter of understanding the difference between a bump and a whopping great big barrier.

Perhaps you can relate to this…?

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