Developing your Intuition

Why is that something you’d want to seek out? Because it’s the real you, and the real you is worth listening too. The real you always work to your higher good, no matter what your facing in life, the real you will always look after you.

Lining Up Your Ducks

Over the years, I have learnt that I need to work towards lining up the ‘ducks’ rather than focusing on the outcome too much. By this, I mean as long as my ducks are lined up the outcome I want will happen.

Knowing Your Limits, Being Able To Make Change

So by knowing and understanding our limits, can we experience better joy & harmony in our lives as we move and progress forwards? Could it make that path for you that bit clearer of obstacles?

Fulfilling Our Potential

You’re sat at home right now, let’s say with potentially 40 years of life ahead of you and it might be that you’re sat thinking that you’re fairly happy with where you are at the moment or like many people there’s loads of things you’d love to do but have no real plan or route to it, so you’re sitting and hoping that these things will come to you some how.

Crossroads – which path do you take?

So, you’re at a crossroads, you knew it was coming….. The signs are in front you and you have to make a decision. Which way do you go? The answer to this is normally really simple. You already know the answer, it’s whether you have enough guts to follow the path you really would like […]

The Importance of ‘Space’ in achieving goals

We have these huge goals that we’re working towards, and have even mapped them out and planned them to the finite detail, but, what we haven’t done, myself included is to create the space in our lives for our goals to evolve and develop – a crucial part of the jigsaw completely overlooked! I can’t be alone…