The Importance of ‘Space’ in achieving goals

“A crucial part of the jigsaw completely overlooked!”

What kind of space am I talking about? And why do I think we all need it?

This came up for me just last week, when I was speaking with one of my friends who has been single for a while but doesn’t want to be. We had a conversation and a bit of a debate about whether she has ‘space’ for someone else in her life? As a good friend, lots of things she does, makes it appear to me that she can be more than happy being on her own, as it turns out this isn’t the case, quite the opposite.  As a massive advocate of ‘The Secret’ (Book by Rhonda Byrne) I was trying to explain my thoughts around needing to create that space to make room for a partner, thereby attracting a partner to her. This can relate to lots of small practical things such as creating space in your wardrobe for a partner, sleeping on one side of the bed not down the middle etc It’s not about those actual things that brings you a partner its the mindset that it creates that attracts the partner; because in essence by the actions my friend was making even I thought she was happy single, and if I’m thinking that as a close friend then that must be what she’s giving off to others perhaps…..?


So, that got me thinking….. What am I not making space for? I immediately thought about my goals and the goals of the people I work with. I started to realise that I was giving advice to my friend and actually, in a different context I’m in the same position. We have these huge goals that we’re working towards, and have even mapped them out and planned them to the finite detail, but, what we haven’t done, myself included is to create the space in our lives for our goals to evolve and develop – a crucial part of the jigsaw completely overlooked! I can’t be alone…

It suddenly occurred to me that this is a fundamental consideration. when you are working hard towards something it isn’t going to happen if you don’t have the space for it to fit in is it? Then, I thought about the people that I work with and the people around me and the goals that they are working towards, this is a conversation we’ve never had. Creating space is a much discussed point when looking at the principles of ‘The Secret’ and the law of attraction. So, if you are looking at attracting positive things into your life you have to make space for them to happen.

I am so grateful to my friend because as a result of that conversation I now have space at the top of my agenda!!

“That space will help me create room for things to evolve and grow”


Sometimes, we have to be quite brutal in creating space in our lives. I have spoken before about having a clear out/cleanse of your life in relation to knowing your limits and creating change in a previous blog. You also need to keep one eye on the space that you’re creating deliberately and protect it. I have had to make a very tough decision this week myself about creating some space so that my business can grow into it. A particular space around my business was being taken up by something else, which in comparison to my other priorities and responsibilities, could be let go of. That space will help me create room for things to evolve and grow, and in hindsight, probably for a short while, having no space has probably inhibited me from growing my business to some degree because every nook and crannie has been filled – where could anything else fit in and grow, it couldn’t. Just to clarify though, I’m not talking about the actual physical space preventing me from growing I’m talking about the mind related space, in effect I’ve been the master of my own restrictions.

Your goals maybe business, personal related or both, whatever they are when you are setting your goals and wanting to move forward, creating space is very important, not only because of your limits as a person, but it’s important so that you have room to fit in the expansion that you’re planning.

So my buzz word this week is SPACE!

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