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Who am I?

So, let’s re-cap…..I’m from a working class background, dropped out of my A levels half way through, joined the police at 19 – my career for 22 years, I was an officer of rank specializing for most of my career, started a business during that time and managed to leave the Police early to run it. Became a wife, a mum and happy animal owner. Obviously lots of other interesting bits and bobs in between; and, that’s my life so far.

How would I sum myself up?

I suppose very moulded by all those years in the Police. I still work on logic, I’m very strategic, I’m great at analysing situations, a brilliant problem solver, but I’m also very caring and loyal. Then there’s this other edge to me, which is very different, an edge that’s not always obvious but for some people never obvious….for someone so logical, fair minded and evidence based, I also have this layer underneath that’s enjoying both personal and spiritual development.

Now, whilst I was in the Police I would have said of personal development – there’s nothing wrong with me, I don’t need anything like that in my life, I’m fine. But in hindsight my life was full at the time, too full of other people’s problems and ambitions perhaps and no space to grasp hold of mine. I’m not a religious person at all, but love learning more about the Universe than I was ever open to before. As someone said to me just recently, how can you be so logical Claire in a non-logical world? And that for me really sums it up well!

I’ve reached that point in my forties where I really want to discover myself that bit more, and a little bit more about the non logical world we live in. Having been introduced to personal development through my business I am now interested to take it one step further and have been developing my spiritual interests too. Can these two fit together and compliment each other I ask? I think they can, and I do think they can do this very well.

There’s so much more to see…

The Universe

I do believe that there’s a bigger Universe out there, and there’s more to it than you can see, hear and feel in front of you.

I’ve had some amazing things happen to me over the years that I just can’t explain. To be fair quite a few events whilst I was working as a Police Officer. You do get to see a lot of death in that job, particularly in the old but also in the young. I’ve experienced many bizarre things that I haven’t reacted to at the time but on reflection and with deep thought, it’s been easy to question myself and wonder if I’d imagined it. After a while I started to realize that actually no, I was experiencing new things, unexplainable things, but you don’t share it do you as you have a fear don’t you or just sounding crazy!

So, on this journey I’d like to understand more about that, as well as discovering who I am, what I’m capable of and what I want to learn while I’m here…

Positive thoughts = Positive outcome

The Secret

I’m a massive believer too in the law of attraction and would highly recommend one of my favourite books ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne to everyone, it’s such a revelation as laws go. It’s an incredible book, documentary and cd set. It really opens your eyes to how life works in a universal sense. I suppose I have been living my life by ‘the secret’ and the law of attraction for the around last 2 years or so. That has made a huge difference to the way we’re living as a family, and without a shadow of a doubt has led us to securing a better quality of life. Attracting what you want from life and not attracting what you don’t want is an art that can be learnt, and its one of the biggest benefits I’ve picked up from looking at & taking up personal development more seriously.  What are you attracting into your life? Wouldn’t you want to know more about it if someone said to you that you can actually influence it?! Really that’s what got me intrigued.

I do everything I can these days to protect my energy, I’m naturally optimistic, I can’t stand negativity, I find it really draining and it can completely change the whole shape of your day and it’s fair to say your life if you’re surrounded by it. I avoid watching the news now too, and I avoid negative people as much as I can. They do say that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend most time around, but don’t forget you’re one of those 5 people for someone else too, so what’s rubbing off you onto others?

So far on my spiritual journey…

Once I dipped my toe into the world of personal development and found it fascinating, I also started my spiritual journey, one thing I now love to do is meditate, everyday without fail. It gives me quiet time within my own thoughts and helps me to focus on what next.  The only time I used to find for myself when the kids were younger was actually sat on the loo, hiding away for those 5 minutes hoping nobody else would find me for that little snatchett of time, but they always did, and so did the dogs scratching at the door – and I used to say “Just give me a few minutes!” Sometimes you just need that moment alone, however short.

I’ve also started having some Health Kinesiology sessions over the last 12 months which have been amazing. They’ve really made me feel far more aware of my spiritual surroundings and energy. Everybody needs a path clearer and that’s what my Kinesiologist does – Jo, she’s fantastic. Metaphorically speaking, she’s the person who sweeps my path. If you look at having that path we talked about where leaves are falling as barriers and blockages, Jo’s the person that helps me sweep them away. It’s incredible what things you can carry around with you without realising and the compound effect of having many blockages and barriers can have a tremendous effect on your own journey, frustrating you at every turn. If you can relate to that then I would recommend seeking out your nearest Practitioner. I wouldn’t be without my Kinesiology now.

Create itAll of these actions have helped me to understand a lot more about myself. From understanding how we can influence our journey and to some degree call the shots, having more of an awareness of conscious and sub-conscious thoughts that have may have restricted and blocked me from moving forward in the past to how I can use them now to help me move forward in the future. To understanding that experiences from being very young to adult hood, and, if you’re open to it, from past life can affect how smooth your journey is going now or not. It’s all fascinating and there are so many books and reading materials on each subject. There is so much to learn out there, we’re just stratching the surface.

We all seem to be asking far more questions about life these days.

Coming from the background that I have,  I never would have thought that I would find this area of life so intriguing, but I really do. Is it that my spiritual and personal development, together, is really helping me to understand who I am? I think so. The deeper I go, the more relaxed and comfortable I am with doing so. This wasn’t important to me before, but it has become very important to me now, and having spoken to many about this over the last 18 months, it seems to be a common experience and interest of so many people.

Trying to understand what life is and what my purpose is here is something I’m going to keep exploring and learning more about. Is that a common thought shared by us all? I’m sure many won’t be bothered and it’s enough to just get by day to day, but for those of you thinking the same, what’s the harm in knowing and understanding more, it could enhance your enjoyment of life tremendously, and isn’t that worth exploring? Is it those exact questions that are motivating me – absolutely. I want to explore more and know who I really am. I’m actually quite comfortable sharing a bit about my spiritual journey as we travel through this blog together too. I am a mum a wife, a business owner, a daughter, but I also have spirit! It’s the spirit in me that I want to discover more about. I really want to know more about how the world and the universe works, how my spirit is connected to it, and what I’m actually capable of doing, it’s then about how I can use that to make a difference, because that’s the point isn’t it?

I also strongly believe that aside from my curious friends and colleagues, there will be people I don’t know drawn to my Blog, why are they drawn? Everything happens for a reason, and there are no such thing as coincidences – I wouldn’t have said that a few years ago, but by golly it is so true!

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4 thoughts on “Personal and Spiritual Development

  1. Morning Claire
    What can I say. I just love this, you have touched on so many elements that I want to explore and to be honest address.

    I am sure you are right our background leaves a massive foot print, but I think thats a good thing. I know that some of the stuff we have seen and experienced is very unpleasant, but I am a better person for it.

    I am looking forward to reading on. Speak soon.

    1. Thanks so much Charlie, glad that you can connect with my thoughts too, and I agree, that background is massive part of who I am today too and I have a lot to thank the Police for it.
      Claire x

  2. Hi Claire – great account of your journey and delighted Health Kinesiology has played a part in it! Happy to sweep your leaves any time as it is a fascinating path you are revealing. I came to Kinesiology when I was desperate because of an illness my daughter had – gosh – seven years ago now and I stayed like you because it opened up a path to health and growth that I hadn’t imagined existed. Loving your blogs & pods – keep on keeping on……Jo

    1. Jo, what can I say, you’ve been such a great support to me and all this leaf clearing has been extraordinary in helping my growth and personal development, I’m so grateful to you!
      On that subject I would love people to visit your Business page and understand more about how you & Kinesiology can help them – please visit Jo Huntsman Health Kinesiology on
      Claire xx

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