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“Most people will receive them and not hear them, there are others who hear them but don’t action them, and then there are the people that hear them and do something about it.”

There are many senses that allow us to use our intuition, like listening to our bodies, hearing our inner voice, having that gut instinct and many others.

In this Blog I want to talk about the intuitive skill of using & listening to inspired thoughts & ideas.Listen

I am fortunate to be someone who has been conscious of inspired thoughts and ideas for many years. They have helped me with my career and enormously with my business life.

I can sum up inspired thoughts very simply, they are thoughts or ideas that come to you out of no-where without any effort. Those little ‘light-bulb’ moments we have are the start of an idea. They can come in different ways, when we are asleep through dreams or when we are awake and day-dreaming, perhaps. They can come from conversation you’re having on a completely different subject. Basically they can come at anytime and anywhere. Most people will receive them and not hear them, there are others who hear them but don’t action them, and then there are the people that hear them and do something about it. Those people, generally, are the ones that have the confidence to take them forward which they do so in life too. That is intuition – listening to your higher self.


But, because of all the loud noise and mental chatter going on and all those disturbances in our lives, our senses are distracted constantly from mobile devices, people talking and all sorts of things that stop us from hearing those inspired thoughts. When you start hearing & recognising them, you will hear them more and more. If you take action regularly you will see your life change immensely. Inspired thoughts are always for your higher good and for the benefit of your higher self.

But, it’s not just inspired thoughts that can help us…..Coincidence


Reading between the lines is a common phrase, but it is also a process of intuition. When you actually break down what it means, it’s about putting the pieces of a puzzle together, things that you have seen or heard, bits and pieces, nothing in its entirety, but in little segments. Reading between the lines is about drawing the pieces of the puzzle together to work out why you saw or heard them in the first place. When we do & don’t listen to our inspired thoughts, it’s not uncommon for us to come across pieces of the puzzle in other ways – maybe you can think of a time when you’ve said that word ‘coincidence’? You can call your higher self many things, and people from all different backgrounds and beliefs do. Its my belief that our higher self, protects & guides us. When those little pieces of the puzzle appear, the words you hear that stand out during a conversation or something you see on television that is relevant to previous thoughts, you start putting them together and think “Ah, there’s an idea!”.

Reading between the lines is another way to listen to your intuition.

I can’t tell you how much both of those have helped me over the years. And once you’ve cottoned onto this and understand it more, you can’t help think back through your life at all the ‘coincidences’ that have shaped your life so far and got you to where you are now.

If you are someone who is looking to move forward and progress, then you really need to start listening to yourself. We all have the ability to do it but there several ways that we can clear our minds of noise and hear these thoughts and see them more often.Power session

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But in the meantime, start listening to yourself and those thoughts and particularly take note of the inspired thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere and do something about them!

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  1. This afternoon I have spent time rereading your blogs to get familiar, I wanted to say I am loving it, making space is making such a difference, I am hearing messages and answers. Thank you Claire xx

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