Are you going the whole Hog….how much are you letting go

Are you going the whole hog blog post

Its very easy for us to look at our resources and our abundance in a one layered approach to the year ahead and that in my experience simply isn’t enough. When we look at everything that abundance effects and has a knock on consequence to, we start to understand when we’re looking at creating our abundance in the next 12 months, that we need to consider it in a layered way and actually understand where abundance starts and what it means. Abundance must be when our lives are full of everything we could possibly wish for and our lives feel fulfilled in every way?

Surely if you just received money, but had no purpose in life, was isolated in terms of genuine relationships and interactions, your health wasn’t in a good state physically, mentally or emotionally, you never had any time for doing the important stuff, or energy to carry it out, and no community you felt a belonging too, would you still be abundant? Just having money on its own, doesn’t in my mind equal abundance? What about all the others layers of your life, how do they look? Perhaps our understanding of abundance is the starting point before we start giving our consent & permission? Because the mindsets below that I’m going to share are powerful mindsets and they will open doors to create, you’ve just got to spot them!

Hopefully up to this point we’ve already engaged with and understand the principles of consent and permission, that if we haven’t given our consent or permission to achieve certain things in our life for the year ahead, for the week ahead, for the month ahead then are we going to get the support that we are looking for and expect from the Universe, as an example? Are we open to receiving it in the first place? And when has that ever been projected? We create after all what we project.

Consent & the layers leading to abundance

First layer – PURPOSE

What have you given your consent or your permission to achieve in terms of your purpose for the year ahead and are you willing to go the whole hog?

When I say the whole hog, are you willing to submit to whatever the universe wishes to tweak and adjust to help you achieve your purpose or are you still wanting an element of control around that?

This could be an element for you in itself? If you don’t feel able to let go completely about what the Universe arranges or adjusts to help you fulfil your purpose in 2024? Or do you but you just haven’t consented to it yet?

If you still feel reluctant or unable to let go completely and need that control then perhaps that’s something you need to examine more indepthly and perhaps this is an indicator about an area that you need to work on as a priority for the year ahead?

So in terms of our purpose, what are you giving the universe the permission and your consent to do? Are you giving permission and consent to do whatever is necessary in order for you to fulfil your purpose for the year ahead, in alignment, obviously with your highest interests?

Highest interests are key because it’s your safety net, bearing in mind with its oversight of you and your whole existence your version of your highest interests and the Universes version of your highest interests could be different, and this is where your control may raise its head again.

2nd layer – Communication & Interaction

So when it comes to the year ahead, what are you giving your permission and consent to achieve in terms of communication, and when we say communication, I’m talking about your levels of contacts and connections and networks and your ability to fulfil your purpose if your purpose involves other people. So how far are you going? Giving your consent and permission to go as far as the whole hog?

3rd Layer – Our Physical, Energetic, Conscious Health (mental/emotional)

What are we giving permission and consent for our health to be and to look like next year in support of our purpose and our communications and interactions? Are we going the whole hog, are we allowing the universe to fulfil us with an optimum physical health and well being and whatever that takes to help us achieve it, are we letting go and going for it?

4th LayerOur Time and how we spend it, how we manage it and how we use it

Are we giving our consent and permission for the universe to organise our time completely and let go of that or are we having to be in control of it still? What is it we want to be using our time for? Are we giving ourselves permission to use our time for that activity, for that issue? Including our life balance, time off, fun time?

5th Layer – Our Energy and Focus

Are we giving ourselves consent and permission for the universe to give us help with our energy and focus, are we going the whole hog, are we completely letting go, or do we feel a need to have some control in terms of our energy and focus for the year ahead still? What’s stopping you going the whole hog if you feel unable to?

6th Layer – Relationships

What do we want our relationships to look like next year? What kind of relationships do we still want to have, what kind of new relationships do we want to create, what relationships do we want to moved away from?

Are we giving ourselves consent and permission for the universe to go the whole hog and allow the adjustments of our relationships to fulfil our purpose, our communications, our physical, mental and emotional health, our time, energy and focus. Are we giving the universe the consent and permission to let our relationships fall in alignment with all of those things we’ve just given consent and permission for also?

Our 7th Layer – Our community & connections

In terms our physical, energetic and spiritual self, have we found our community? Have we given our consent and permission to find it? Are we letting ourselves be fully connected to our community and sense of belonging? Are we considering the we as well as the I?

Are we going the whole hog and are we establishing connections that support our purpose, our communication, our physical health and wellbeing, our time, our energy and focus, our relationships … are we going the whole hog and saying universe, let our connections & community form as we need them to do so and let it happen? Releasing our control?

Why go the whole hog…?


The whole hog is about letting go of all the layers of life and letting the universe sift and sort and adjust us and our experiences to them, the extra power behind that comes when we give the Universe and life the consent and permission to do so, going into this with our eyes open and fully understanding what that means.

Are we giving our power away to the universe by doing this or is this about us being empowered because we feel so confident and trusting of ourselves, of our truth and support that we receive in that regard. Is it actually a very empowering move or are we giving our power away?

If we were giving our consent and permission to an individual or group of people with their own agenda and their own highest interests we would definitely be giving our power away and that isn’t what this is about. This is about realising your own personal power and giving your permission and consent to life and the Universe who is doing its darndest to look after you and your highest interests, if only you would let it?

So what consents and permissions do you now need to make for 2024 and  the year ahead, and are you going to let go and go the whole hog?!

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