About Me – Meet Claire

Claire walker

Hi, I’m Claire Walker – a mentor specialising in Intuition, specifically Intuitive development in others. I’m also an avid philosopher and alchemist.

Claire's family

I’m a family girl at heart, my ethics and values are very much centred around my family. We love to spend time together especially at mealtimes, with a Chef for a husband & me as a feeder, food has always been at the centre of our coming together.

I like to think of myself as being very grounded and down to earth, I’m a very practical person who likes to keep things simple, this seems to be the most common reason people say that drew them towards me in the first place.

Looking at my history it’s probably fair to say that my life from the start has been a good mix of conventional and non-conventional, I think this has given me a good foundation & a balanced and open perspective as I’ve grown.

I grew up in what I would call a non-religious working-class household but went to church-led brownies & pre-school. My father did practice Buddhism, he was a vegetarian, practised daily yoga & meditation, my mother was what I would call a strong female of her day, political & not afraid to stand up for what she thought was right. All this was very unusual in the 1970s but I think it helped me to be open to a wider side of life beyond societies expectations perhaps from a younger age.

Although financially as a family growing up we were just making ends meet, my parents put me through private elocution lessons for 6 years from the age of 11, I used to dislike going in the early days so much but started to see a real difference in my confidence and public speaking as I got older. I still can’t fully comprehend what my parents did for me back then, it must have been an enormous sacrifice to their income, but it was and still is one of the best things they could have ever done for me!

Claire Walker

For 22 years I had a conventional career as a police officer in a very challenging and pressurised environment. Specialising for most of my career, I became an officer of rank, was extensively trained and held many privileged positions, perhaps the most rewarding was working in the fight against Human Trafficking.

I was a specialist tactical advisor and strategist for many years, involved in developing and managing staff, systems, structures & policy across different law enforcement & government organisations, and advisor to many senior figures across the same. I became in effect a professional problem solver.

Enough to say that I loved my job, was passionate about making a difference, but it just didn’t give me the time with my family and children that I longed for and felt constantly guilty not having. I retired early from the Police 7 years ago to run our family business at the time, but through a whole set of synchronicities that occurred I ended up here, probably as it was always meant to be. 

hairs standing on end

For years going back to childhood, I’d had a multitude of energetic experiences, which I’d not fully understood. It wasn’t until my early 20’s & following my dad’s death that I first connected with my guide properly, looking originally for rationale and understanding around his early & sudden passing.

This over the years evolved into my own journey of self-discovery, until the stage where friends around me started asking how to connect with their own guides and could I show them what to do. What started out as a bit of a hobby & outside interest soon became much bigger, as the volume of requests went beyond friends to friends of theirs and so on. The business I’ve built over the last 7 years has been through almost entirely word of mouth recommendations.

I was fortunate enough right at the start of this business to seek the help of a professional and to my good fortune, a certain well-respected coach called Niyc Pidgeon literally landed in front of me at an event I was at. Niyc, a positive psychologist, became my mentor and has now of course gone on to great things worldwide, becoming a best-selling Hay House Author for one thing.

claire giving a workshop

I’ve really felt throughout my life that I’ve been able to fulfil my own potential in whatever I’ve done, and I continue to do so through the help I and perhaps my parents have had intuitively over all these years. Latterly of course very consciously & purposefully, which has led me to feel so passionate about helping others in the same way.

I’m a very logical person and love the logic and simplicity I’ve found in the intuitive world, quite unexpectedly perhaps, the 2 worlds of science and meta-physics really do overlap, & it’s fascinating. I love being the student too, the learning is infinite, there is no ceiling to the potential of the journey you can experience here!

I hope that you enjoy yours & that our hub can play a part in it too.

Love Claire xx