From the first moment I met her, I knew I had done the right thing

“What can I tell you about Claire?

She is kind, gentle, cares about her clients – the love she oozes while you are in a session with her, can be felt deep within. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. From the first moment I met her, I knew I had done the right thing contacting her. She made me feel safe and hopeful. Her Blueprint of me was amazing and there is where the journey started. My guide wanted certain things doing and as I trusted her, he said that I trusted Claire to help me.

Since working with Claire, my intuition has grown and developed and I feel so at peace within myself.

Thank you Claire for everything that you have done for me, shown me and helped me to be.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

MH, Oxfordshire 

A calm ego, mind, body, soul and higher self!

“We had the most perfect day ever!!!! And I think about you Claire because without you and the work we did, I would have never been able to get to this stage.. to feel calm and at ease on my biggest day! With a calm ego, mind, body, soul and higher self! It was truly magical and I was present every moment of it! It was just fabulous!!!!!! Thank you so much Claire! I couldn’t have done this a year ago…

You truly are a ’fairy godmummy!’ And you have changed my life! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me and how much you have taught me! I honestly would have been an anxious mess full of panic a year ago.. and I actually was the most relaxed bride everyone had ever seen! It was just so fab and I could enjoy every moment and be there for my hubby! Thank you for everything you do! You are amazing!

CK, New Zealand

Words cannot summarise how this journey has helped transform me

“The wonderful and empowering journey with Claire as mentor.

After working with Claire for the past 3 years my gratitude and love for her has grown steadily and words cannot summarise how this journey has helped transform me and my business.

Claire is the most down to earth and determined person I have ever met, she is compassionate, caring, loving and yet uncompromising. Her passion and enthusiasm to help others transpires in every single aspect of what she does, she lives and breathes what she teaches.

She has the incredible skills to be able to explain the most complex subjects in ways that can be assimilated easily and has helped me bringing a new sense of excitement and sense of purpose in life.

Her mentoring skills, the human being that Claire is and the friend she has become have helped me in creating the space and confidence to grow in a very safety environment.”

BM, Essex

This has changed my life and the way that I can work with clients

“I am enormously grateful for all the work that I have been fortunate enough to do with Claire Walker I can honestly say that this has changed my life and the way that I can work with clients beyond anything I could’ve imagined, and of course for the better!

A friend of mine mentioned in passing a soul blueprint and all of me responded with a huge YES! I contacted Claire and was totally reassured by her presence, demeanour, grounding and sense of fun. I know that I would have been put off by anyone less down to earth. It’s hard to condense all the amazing things I have learned from Claire.

Communications with my guides and with my own intuition have made me better at life and work. I learned Kinesiology at the same time as developing my intuitive side. It has allowed me to work in a unique and extraordinary way. My way! It has allowed me to step into a truer version of myself and to express that clearly. Every session brings illumination and inspiration.

Claire is always patient and clear in her teaching. She is also so enthusiastic for my journey and where it has brought me to. As well as being an inspiration, a brilliant teacher and an excellent cheerleader, she is a great friend and has connected me to others who are on their own journeys and who have become great friends too. I have recommended her to many others who have found their own way with the guidance, support and help she gives. There is absolutely no one like her and I give thanks every day that I am so blessed to have her in my life.”

DR, London

I am in complete awe of Claire’s genius in communicating, questioning, explaining and clarifying

“I am so happy and grateful that I signed up for the mentorship with Claire. The first session gave me a title for my purpose and direction of focus. Everything that unfurled was both extraordinary and quite familiar.

I am in complete awe of Claire’s genius in communicating, questioning, explaining and clarifying. She is also enormously supportive and quick to answer any questions.

I love that there are gatherings of those that she is mentoring so that we can share our stories and adventures with like-minded people and discover theirs too. I am so excited to discover where this year of mentoring will take me: it’s already off to an astonishing start. Thank you Claire.  “

D, London

Such peace and contentment

“Discovering what I did on my first session gave me such peace and contentment, the likes I have never experienced in this lifetime.

I was shocked to discover the Mayan connection but discovering and accepting this opened the doors to insights, creativity that was in my awareness but with new focused determination and intention. 

CO, South Wales

You will love working with Claire

“I have worked with Claire for several years firstly on my personal development and then on how I can use these skills to help others.

Recently I have been accessing the new courses that Claire has developed looking at how the collective conscious works together. Not only have I refreshed my knowledge but I have also learned so much more. The way Claire shares her learning using recorded meditations enables you to repeat the steps as many times as you like until you are confident to move on to the next steps.

You will love working with Claire.”

HW, Lincolnshire

This amazing change to my life

“Where do I start with this amazing change to my life – my mind is calm I am just all together better in every way. I used to be all over the place now I am at peace with everything and feel I have been plugged in to the universe, altogether better in my thoughts in this sometimes confusing world.”

Mr AB, Suffolk

There is no one quite like Claire, or as good in our opinion

“We started training with Claire Walker several years ago and if it wasn’t for Claire we would not have the business that we have.

She has guided us every step of the way, even when we were first starting out and did not think we would get any clients, and with her knowledge and help we have many clients now.

The main thing we love is how down to earth and genuine Claire is, and she teaches in a practical way that is broken down in easy parts so we understand fully each aspect of the training. There is no one quite like Claire or as good in our opinion. She also makes sure you feel confident in the training that you’re learning.

We would not have a business without Claire. She is a true Earth Angel.”

Mrs AB, Suffolk