Fulfilling Our Potential

“You’re sat at home right now, let’s say with potentially 40 years of life ahead of you, hoping that these things will come to you some how.”

Who would you like to become…..?

I’m sure the thought for many is that they’re happy being who they are now, thanks very much!

You then have the other end of the spectrum of people who have great dreams and goals and wish to have a fulfilled life, every moment counts, lots of things they would like in life and are taking action to achieve.

You’re sat at home right now, let’s say with potentially 40 years of life ahead of you and it might be that you’re sat thinking that you’re fairly happy with where you are at the moment or like many people there’s loads of things you’d love to do but have no real plan or route to it, so you’re sitting and hoping that these things will come to you some how.

Right now you are where you are. The important thing is where do you want to be? Who do you want to become? Who can you become?

Even if you did nothing about it, and you just coursed over the next 5, 10 or even 20 years living the same life every year for all those years, would that be a fulfilling life for you? Answer this question honestly. For me this is my biggest fear, not moving forward and staying in the same place for all those years. I’m definately one of those people that feels they have to move forward all the time, making progress even tiny steps every day, every week and every year.

So, what if you could influence the next 5, 10, 20 years to shape your life the way you wanted without restriction, what would your life look like? Even if you just took small little steps each day, surely that compound effect could make quite a difference over a number of years; but to have that focus in the first place you need goals to work towards however  small or large, having goals and then working each day just a little towards them with a determination and the strong belief that they will happen can’t fail, it has to happen. It is even recognised as a Law, just like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction is a law of the universe recognised by experts and academics alike. So why don’t more of us set these wheels in motion? If it was that simple surely we’d all being doing it?


I think we’re so conditioned, that by the time we become adults, we’re so influenced by our families, the news and media, the general restrictions of life, we don’t believe this is possible and because we don’t believe it we don’t even try, and we dismiss it as pipe dreams.

“Out of millions of babies that could have been created by your parents it was you that was created”

But why would we want to become someone who is different to who we are now in the first place, why does it matter?

Isn’t better to become someone then just to exist? What is the purpose of existing? Out of millions of babies that could have been created by your parents it was you that was created. Surely by having that privilege of life in front of you, it’s worth taking life seriously and doing as much as you can, making a difference and learning as much as you can?

I think we all have the ability to decide who we want to become and the difference between us is that some people will put the effort into becoming that person and some of us won’t.

I’m not talking material objects here. I’m not talking about becoming the richest person and owning the most expensive car or the biggest house. Material things are just energy, and we are just balls of energy. Who do you want to become inside? What do you want to be known for? Who is your legacy?

Being the person you want to become keeps you active, keeps you reflecting and motivates you to move forwards.


Consider a different angle, if you had a choice to come here to this life, how would you have mapped your life out? From cradle to grave, how would you live? Who would you want to become?

Surely, you would want to become someone who makes a difference and who achieves amazing things to make the most of life. If you have those clear thoughts about that life that you would have created, given the option, why is now any different? Why can’t you pick up that vision and map out the rest of your life now and decide who you want to become and what you want to achieve?

Let’s just imagine, for a minute, that you did decide to come here and you did plan your journey in life. How would you evaluate yourself with what you’ve done so far? Knowing that you have the luxury of time ahead of you, how would that change your view of your future? Who would you want to become now?

Why delay it any longer?

“You see it really doesn’t matter about the material things when it boils down to it, that is just a façade.” 

In my case, I’ve decided that I want to become somebody that makes a difference. I can help & empower others. I can be a parent that gives my children loving support, always. I can be a loving wife who always supports her husband and cares for him. I can also be someone that cares for animals and looks after them on a large scale. I can live a life free of restriction. This is the picture of me fulfilling my potential as a person, what would yours look like?

You see it really doesn’t matter about the material things when it boils down to it, that is just a façade. What really matters is who you want to be as a person and understanding what you need to do to become that person and importantly, taking that action however small each day to start that process.

Acknowledgement is the first but a great step forward…

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