The Importance of ‘Space’ in achieving goals

We have these huge goals that we’re working towards, and have even mapped them out and planned them to the finite detail, but, what we haven’t done, myself included is to create the space in our lives for our goals to evolve and develop – a crucial part of the jigsaw completely overlooked! I can’t be alone…

Affirmations V Afformations

Afformations on the other hand can help you find solutions to help you on that path to your goals, taking advantage of the fact that your brain loves to answer the questions you ask it. They also help with that voice of negativity which can always creep into an affirmation if your mindset isn’t in the right place.

Working Less & Creating More

WORKING LESS AND CREATING MORE, BUT HOW? When you learn how to channel your thoughts properly, consciously as well as sub-consciously, those thoughts can have a profound effect on your life and you can start to see life very differently… These are my thoughts on how you can use them to empower yourself, helping guide you […]

Inspired thoughts

“Most people will receive them and not hear them, there are others who hear them but don’t action them, and then there are the people that hear them and do something about it.”

Success Loves Speed

As soon as it clicked in, everything started to fall into place. Those little ducks practically got up and walked into the line themselves all on their own! It was brilliant!