Finding Your Neutral

If you’re someone who finds it hard to have absolute peace and quiet in your head, and your conscious Mind or Ego are singly or doubly dominating your head space, it probably means that they are driving the ship and you and your sense of self are the passenger.

In an ideal world, they should be the passengers, your best advisors working as your best team outside of your centre, and you should be the controller, protecting your centre and having a strong balanced sense of self, able to find that quiet whenever you need it.

Finding your neutral is essential in the ‘engineering’ and ‘mode’ of connecting with other external frequencies and sources of information. But what is it?

Neutral is a conscious place detached from the other conscious parts of you; it is detached from Mind & Ego as an example, the parts that have attitude, opinion, fear, and doubt. It is the place consciously where there can be silence or productive conversation if you choose, without conscious interference and head chatter. Neutral is the place where Soul’s influence can be purposefully dominant, for it is from this place that we create the gateway, drop the drawbridge into receiving and being able to sense external frequencies and their communications (dependent on our own frequencies of course).


Step One – Think of someone that makes you feel ‘Grrrr’, that brings up a feeling of strong emotion in you like frustration, anger, annoyance, or irritation. Identify that emotion to yourself.

Step Two – Put that person to the back of your mind; they will come in handy again soon.

Step Three – Take yourself into a place of conscious control (feel like you’re the boss, feel assertive) and say out loud or in your head as you try and picture in your head what it might look like, these words of intention: “Energy permission for my soul self to step forwards please”. Mean it!

Step Four –  Be aware of any feelings of transition or change, these will later become familiar to you.

Step Five – Think of that same person from earlier; how do you feel about them now? Do they seem completely insignificant now? Can you even remember who it was? Or did you have trouble recalling who it was?

It can be like flicking a switch…..Congratulations you have found your place of neutral! And that’s how simple it is to achieve it – how long you stay there is dependent on how balanced your collective conscious are. You can use the person you thought of as your measure for now, and test whether you’re still there. Click on the button below for your NEXT STEPS.

If however, you found yourself feeling just as emotional about that person as before, try the process again. If you find you can’t achieve what’s described then ask yourself these questions and the reason why should appear:

  • Feeling really tired?
  • Feeling low in vibration & energy?
  • Feeling poorly?
  • Doubting your ability to do it?
  • Experiencing Mind & Ego head chatter butting in?

You are revealing your NEXT STEPS…