Therapists & Practitioners

As a professional, you’re always seeking to work in your clients’ Highest Interests, be they animal or human. When we look at what that means, we start to examine all of our information sources that enable and enhance our potential to do this.

What information sources are you currently accessing?

Is it from the body itself? Perhaps muscle testing or dowsing?
Is it from the human or animal client verbally or telepathically?
Is it from a knowing or sensing?

Is it from touch or feel?
Perhaps you already feel nudged by your guide/s or the Universe?

What if you could access information also from a myriad of other sources that really help you to paint the picture of what is happening, identifying the needs of the client at depth, helping them physically, energetically and consciously. Having the best overview possible? Enabling you to look in your varied tool kit for the best solutions possible and use them in the best way possible? In their Highest Interests…

And these solutions being permanent fixes, not sticking plasters?

And this work being bespoke to your client and their individual situation?

And your work being able to help them even in a situation you hadn’t seen before?

And the information sources being of such quality that in turn you continue to learn and expand your own wisdom at the same time?

What if your exploration of working in someone’s Highest Interests took you on a journey that opened new doors, expanded your own journey and meant that others found you because of it?