Information Sources

Create – Information Sources can come from two places, internally & externally.


Our Collective Self are layers of our conscious, which is part of our light body. Their role is to work as a team, not as fragments dominating our thoughts; they should be helping us to build a sense of self-belief, self-confidence, self-worth at our core, our centre, helping us to interpret and perceive from our information sources at depth.

Are your Collective Conscious working as a team?

Are they allowing you to find and use your Neutral?


Ask yourself these questions below and you will see your own answers….

Q. Do you doubt and question yourself and your abilities, overthink and analyse over and over, and compare yourself to others? Is your head full of chatter, have trouble switching off at night, trouble concentrating, lack self-belief & self-confidence, often feel overwhelmed, under pressure, lacking motivation and procrastinating a lot? Are you a passenger of mind?

Q. Do you get feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, lack, emotional overwhelm, do you take things personally, can life feel scary to you, are you carrying guilt, shame & embarrassment easily? Are you a passenger of ego (your emotional body)?

Q. Do any of the feelings above dominate your daily thoughts? Or create constant/regular head chatter?

If they do, this can also affect you reaching a consistent place of neutral – essential space for developing and using your intuition.

Each of the layers of your conscious, when they are in balance, will work as your best advisors and not as your controller/s; they will help supply you with their own guidance, their own thoughts, interpretations, and their own perceptions. They really are your first source of information and wisdom, and when working as an effective team – working as one – they will help you perceive and interpret information in-depth, in an incredible way.

As an example, someone with a dominant Mind, will mostly receive and hear Mind’s influence in their interpretations and perceptions, therefore giving you no depth and perhaps a strongly tainted view. You would miss out on all the other layers of expertise within your conscious team. This can mean you’re missing a large part of the picture.

If you feel that you’re already benefiting from a balanced conscious, where there is plenty of space and inner wisdom coming through, scroll through & explore External Sources.

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