Workshop: Navigation to your Next Path


This 90 minute pre recorded workshop is designed to help you understand the effects of frequency and vibration on you and your existence and how that knowledge can be used to manifest the life path your desire

A 90 minute video & slideshow of Claire providing a learning base including guided meditation to download.

Understanding the differing frequency of paths in the scale of your existence

An understanding of Higher self & how their frequency can be used to help you day to day on your path

An understanding of dimensions, their frequency & how that correlates to you

A process of working out your frequency identity

Guidance to help you increase your energies

Guidance in terms of the new path you’re looking to create

A Guided meditation tool to take you through the process of changing your path during the meditation

Tools to help you maintain your new path & new energy

For more information and to sign up please follow this link to Navigation to your next path page within my Intuitive You School on the Teachable platform at


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