The Intuitive You Subscription Plan

A monthly comprehensive access to development, support tools & courses for the Sensory communicator with Claire Walker

The subscription costs £38 per month, or £399.99 per year (saving £56).

For more information and to sign up please follow this link to The Intuitive You Subscription Plan page within my Intuitive You School on the Teachable platform at



An Amazing bundle of support and learning every month, which includes:-

  • The new monthly courses and workshops provided to support sensory communications work (some worth up to £129)
  • An ongoing Energy Channels course including Intuitive, Telepathic, Medium (spiritual), Empathic & Environmental channels covered in the learnings.
  • The library of old courses and workshops including access to Claire’s most recognised meditation series for your conscious thoughts & building confidence in your sense of self
  • Access to the Practice Circle for free, a 2 weekly online group meeting, practising skills from beginner to advanced in a safe & protected environment
  • Access to the Mentors Group Facebook page where learnings are shared & new events organised.
  • Access to the Mentors Group meeting held at least once a month to share new learning.
  • Access to our volunteers group where new learnings can be tested and testimonies/case studies built.
  • Make new like minded friends and get to network with others who run businesses in similar fields.
  • Access a group where sessions are often swapped to help each other & word of mouth businesses can achieve a further reach.


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