Collective Conscious – Complete Meditative series incl bonus material

Finding our Natural Magic Within

The tools, techniques & methods to unlock & bring together Mind, Ego, Body, Soul & Higher Self work to support you in the best way possible everyday and bring your intuitive senses to life

The course costs £44.

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For the magic to happen outside it has to happen inside……

Bringing the world of your conscious self into a place where each layer of it supports all your needs and where your senses are brought to life.

A series of 17 meditations designed to bring calm, harmony and joy to your everyday life & your sense of self, allowing you to awaken your senses and use your intuitive receptors at depth.

“The meditations. I’ve just completed all of them, and wow. They are amazing, so powerful, yet practical at the same time. They really are amazing.”

PW Suffolk


How does your Conscious support you Intuitively?

Each of our conscious layers holds their own expertise & role, with the ability to also hold their own qwerks & restrictions.

They can be supportive, our best advisor, and incredible team player, they also have the ability to be a dominant part of us who feels they need to take control often making us their passenger.

If we were to compare these layers of consciousness to slices of a pie, it can often be that we are found to be working with just one or two dominant slices rather than the whole pie! The whole pie allowing us to see the depth and detail of the whole picture rather than just a part of it.

When working with our intuition & navigating life day to day we benefit hugely from working without interference and distraction from dominant parts of our conscious, we also benefit from being able to receive and sense the whole picture that the collective conscious can bring to us as a team, or a whole pie.

This meditative course contains:-

  • 17 full length guided meditations, containing tools and methods that will enable your collective conscious to work in support of you and your highest interests.
  • Methods to enable & activate the expertise in your collective conscious team, allowing space and focus on the individual & collective roles ensuring the team comes together without dominance, overwhelm, anxiety or the need to take over.
  • Methods to support you with your deeper perceptions & interpretations you need when accessing & using your intuitive senses, and also making choices and decisions day to day.
  • Methods that allow several of the collective conscious to step back and allow in other information sources and connections without interference, enabling you to stay in neutral with purposeful connections, facilitating wider connections & intuitive led communications.
  • Meditations you can listen to over and over until the methods and learnings have all been passed to you and Mind.
  • Contains 2 BONUS Meditations that work through some best practice of team working and how to work in support of intuitive senses.
  • All Meditations in MP3 format so you can download onto your own devices & listen anywhere.


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