6 Month Mentors Programme

A bespoke Mentors Programme – with wrap around support tools, resources, community & case study structure.

This is the standard programme consisting of 8 sessions.

The programme can be purchased for £750 as one payment, or split into 6 monthly instalments of £127 per month.

For more information and to enrol please follow this link to the 6 Month Mentors Programme within my Intuitive You School on the Teachable platform at https://intuitive-you.teachable.com/p/6-month-mentoring-programme



This is the standard programme consisting of 8 sessions.

Ideal for those who’ve reached a practitioner level of using & working with their Intuitive senses and toolkits often alongside other practices & professions, who would like to expand their reach, their skillset & potential in support of those they wish to work with.

Bespoke in its support allowing your natural potentials to seep through to the surface. Everyone has their own strengths, their own areas of expertise, having the right intuitive tools behind you in these areas will help you to grow.

No matter what practitioner or personal skills you come to this programme with, you’ll have the freedom to work within a safe and secure space, allowing you to explore your potential, and allowing you to shape your bespoke path ahead.


Claire is experienced in supporting Practitioners with a wide variety of specialisms and disciplines as well as helping them to facilitate the creation of new ones.

This includes the structured approach to co creation, testing, & triangulation of new modalities. Claire’s own business, practices & mastery of her own specialisms have followed the same route and she continues to pioneer these.

In order to experience the freedom of self discovery in this process Claire is led forwards on your path by plethra of intuitive connections she has amassed with experience. These are used to help you develop and implement the bespoke tools & skillsets supporting you and your own journey forwards.

Claire works at a ground and existence level, working with all the layers of you. Recognising the distortions that can prevent you from fulfilling your potential & causing you to feel stuck, unfulfilled or without purpose.

The opportunities to evidence your work during the programme will be taken if relevant, including case studies and the development of material for publication. The programme will ultimately facilitate you becoming a master of your own specialisms & disciplines, creating the basis of expertise that others will seek out.

These key areas will be included in our considered working bespoke to you and your journey :-

  • The Mentors Intuitive overview & workspace 
  • Setting up & working with your Intuitive Connections, Communications & all energy channels
  • Creating your bespoke Toolkit
  •  Establishing Collective Conscious support & balance re interpretation & perspective
  • Establishing your own housekeeping
  • Creating bespoke assessing & solution methods/techniques (Facilitating yr Investigating & Problem solving) if relevant
  • Implementing relevant Protections & energetic Cleaning
  • Working with Alchemy
  • Working with infrastructure including Topology & the quantum field
  • Taking an existence level view
  • Networking with like minded people
  • Creating Business structure & tools as we go
  • Lifting your own distortions
  • Path adjustment & change if relevant
  • Ascension working & growth
  • Purpose identification & alignment
  • Co creation with your energy channels

The added bonus of this programme is that it is contained within this software programme, within your own individual area, allowing notes, case studies, video’s of sessions, milestones & more to be mapped, stored & easily accessed, as well as giving you direct access to Claire’s calendar & messaging system, all in one place!


Your resources and support will include

  • At least 8 bespoke 121 mentoring sessions of 90 mins with Claire over 6 months, including an initial planning session
  • Access to Claire’s Subscription Resources hub/library during the period of mentorship accessing all other learning courses & workshops for free on this platform
  • Access to Claire’s monthly online workshops live in the Mentors Group & chance to build your own library
  • Access to Claire’s fortnightly practice circle with other like minded people
  • Access to Claire’s monthly new learning, allowing you to keep on top of all new understandings and tools picked up from the previous months work
  • Ongoing communication, mentoring & support with Claire away from sessions
  • Access to networking opportunities, helping you to build your own business in a group of like minded people & a supportive community
  • Access to Claire’s practice & guinea pig group for new work & case study building if relevant
  • Certificate of competency based upon case study evidence, which can help you with insurance for your work later


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