I wanted to say a huge thankyou to all my clients and Business Owners that have gone to the effort of providing me with a testimonial for my site, much love Claire x


Katie Swann reviewed Fairy Godmummy – 5 star

Claire was recommended to me by a close friend who recognised that I needed support and direction. Her calm, generous nature immediately put me at ease, and I found the Blueprint process to be enjoyable, enlightening and empowering. It was exactly what I needed, and I’m excited about working on it further with Claire in the future.


Janeen Martin reviewed Fairy Godmummy – 5 star
Antonia Lewis reviewed Fairy Godmummy – 5 star

I have known Claire for a few years through business, but we connected properly at the latter part of last year when I hit some difficulties business-wise and also personally that I just couldn’t seem to shift or move past. Having a blueprint done with Claire has been one of the best decisions I have made, not only is she personable, insightful and incredibly intuitive, but her delivery and support for me throughout the experience, was invaluable. Essentially, my goals, my purpose, my true purpose, have all unfolded, I have clarity, direction and reassurance, whereas before, there was confusion, concern about my future and a fogginess that was hindering me, I now have a beautiful exciting path to travel on, a path that is in my highest interest and that is very exciting indeed! I would not hesitate to recommend Claire to others; her work is specialized and superior to any guidance I have ever received before. Claire has integrity and I trusted her and this process implicitly.

Helen Artemi reviewed Fairy Godmummy – 5 star

Gosh where do I begin with recommending Claire? Having work very closely with Claire for a number of months i can honestly say if it was for this wonderful lady I wouldn’t be where I am today. I approached Claire many months back about doing my blue print as being very intuitive myself and a Reiki master I felt I had a missing piece to my puzzle and didn’t know what that is. So Claire set to work for many hours doing my blue Print and the results didn’t disappoint.
All the questions I had where answered in my blue print and what my purpose was. One of them being that I had the ability to do Quantum leaping. I signed up straight away for a Mentorshio with Claire and oh my goddess if it was for the lady my business wouldn’t be where it is today. It has opened so many doors in so many ways and it’s all down to Claire Walker. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Xx

Emily Crabtree reviewed Fairy Godmummy – 5 star

Having known Claire for a few years, I’ve always respected her hugely as a person and business woman. Now I’ve actually begun to work with her, I feel really grateful to have connected with her on this project. The blueprint she did for me recently has been hugely beneficial in helping move forward with something really important to me. The skills I’ve already picked up from it will serve me forever as well, such a worthwhile investment! And this is just the start! Thank you Claire xx

Fiona Clark reviewed Fairy Godmummy – 5 star
9 May 2017

I was at a stage in my life where I just felt as though I was drifting. I came across blueprints and was intrigued as to what they actually were. What a revelation!! I now know what my path is and what I need to do and it’s all thanks to Claire. Highly recommend. xx

Julia O’Connor reviewed Fairy Godmummy – 5 star
9 May 2017

I was introduced to Claire at the beginning of 2017 and I had a fantastic blueprint experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect but what unfolded has given me the confidence and encouragement to get in flow with the real me.

Claire is so patient, inciteful, compassionate and gifted. I’m looking forward to continuing on my journey of discovery with Claire.

Sarah Leonard reviewed Fairy Godmummy – 5 star
9 May 2017

Claire enabled me to tap into skills I never would have found on my own which I am now using to grow my business. I definitely recommend the blueprint process.

Sarah Devlin reviewed Fairy Godmummy – 5 star
9 May 2017

I have worked with Claire now for nearly a year. The blue prints reflected my personality and goals so accurately.

Claire’s ideas are absolutely incredible and my creativity has increased dramatically …. I am now working independently from what I have learnt

Thanks Claire xxx



23rd June 2016

I brought my idea – no more than a hunch and a sketch really – to Claire in January this year and with her extraordinary support we brought the finished piece to market just four months later in May!

Claire helped me make better choices from marketing, manufacture, linking with people who helped and avoiding those who wouldn’t, to avoiding costly detours and lulls and dips in confidence or motivation.

The Ydot product is ground breaking – a range of jewellery and items that protect people, adults and youngsters (and their pets) from the harmful effects of electro-magnetic frequencies – so it was essential for me to work with someone who not only got what I was trying to do but understood the need for it too . Claire’s broad life experience combined with a profound intuition is a pretty rare combination and makes her ideally suited to focussing new business owners on the best route to bring their vision to fruition by growing the person at the same time as the business.Ydots Fiddlestones

We are still have masses to do to realise the dream of protecting as many people and pets as possible and raising awareness about the effects of emf on the mind and body but I have no doubt that with Claire’s ongoing coaching it will happen and sooner than we ever imagined.

It’s been rather like learning to ride a bike – at first Claire provides pretty much everything – the balance, direction, security, skills and very gradually you learn to take these over yourself until she just has a gentle supporting hand on the process – I suspect that one day I will turn around to find she hasn’t had her hand there at all and for the last few miles we have been happily pedalling ourselves.

Jo Huntsman Co-creator Ydots

                                                                                 Emf Pendants for People & Pets




8th July 2016

I met Claire during a period in my life when I wanted to move on from where I was but needed guidance to help
me let go of things that were holding me back in my professional and personal life.

Claire did an impressive session that led me to discover much more about myself and the way ahead and helped
me to deal with a particularly tricky situation I was facing at the time.

Above all, I value Claire’s intuition, trustworthiness, and honesty.

I found that the experience provided me with a better understanding of myself, and more confidence and clarity
to tackle the next steps ahead.

I would highly recommend Claire to anyone who seeks guidance and clarity on a professional or personal level.

Dr. Sibylle Frey
Managing Director
Frey Consulting Ltd.




21st June 2016

I have worked alongside Claire for a number of years and she’s always been a totally trustworthy person whom I’ve felt I could totally rely on for caring but honest advice. More recently though Claire has used her intuitive skills / gifts to help me enormously.

For many years , I have worked And strived for success in various ventures and in some respects have had great success yet at the same time paradoxically I’ve suffered from self doubt , and at times mental and physical exhaustion . Whilst taking some time for myself to reflect, I was also beating myself up at not moving forward at the pace I’d decided was right for me. In my first informal session with Claire she helped me see and learn how to protect my energy whilst still being giving and positive to others. She showed me that I was doing the right thing by stepping back, learning to say no, learning to value my time better so that I could have the energy to make a difference to people without totally running down my battery.This way

Moving forward , I’d discovered some key literature and research that taught me some of the reasons why I reacted to repeating situations in my life in certain ways. The information, to me, opened up a whole new world of understanding. Claire’s part in this was quite profound. I didn’t share my quiet revelations with Claire at all at the time, but some months later in my first official session with Claire she spoke about ‘highly sensitive people’ and pinpointed a particular book that she wanted me to read. The funny thing was I asked Claire if she knew what traits highly sensitive people presented and what the concept was and she didn’t, when I told her that learning about this concept had had a huge impact on me over the previous few months of my life she laughed and I was blown away as the book she’d asked me to read was the exact book that I’d been lead to already.

I wondered why I was being pointed again to this book and realised once I started reading it that there was a certain child that I teach that I could always see reacting to life and emotions in a way I’d always done. I carefully and tactfully spoke to her mum and asked if she’d be open to reading this book and told her why. She came into school a few days later astounded, saying that the information was exactly what they needed to know to help their little girl. I felt that I’d helped and been pointed to re reading this work just at the right time by Claire to help this child.

This is just one example of the Claire’s intuition being spot on and knowing that I can be guided in this way gives me great comfort and confidence going forward. I have no doubt that I will continue working with Claire as my business begins to pick up again, now I am learning the value of self care and I feel really optimistic for the future. I have recommended working with Claire already to a close colleague and like me she has come out of her first session feeling understood, and cared for with a much clearer vision of her next steps.

Health & Wellbeing Business Owner, Property Business Owner, Teacher




Right path

20th June 2016
I had my session with Claire less than a week ago yet the impact has been immense already, a lot more than I expected.
I was at a big crossroads In my life & I wasn’t sure which path to take.
What it has given me is complete clarity, a clear path forward with some very precise plans & importantly peace of mind.
I felt reassured, I felt it sped up the process & if I hadn’t have had it I could still be having self doubt & possibly taken the wrong path as I did years ago.
What has amazed me since is how many doors have already opened in this short time, even down to exact words have been repeated to me. I am so grateful thank you Claire.


Asdahar founder, Health & Wellbeing Business Owner




20th June 2016
I have been running my own business now for the last three years and have been really lucky to have had guidance from Claire over that time.
However recently Claire has done a couple of amazing sessions with me that have dramatically changed the way that I have looked and ran my business. Plane

During times of uncertainty and doubt I have the unwavering advice and guidance that has helped spur me on and think of ways to move my business forward. I honestly think that without that input I would not have had the clarity and confidence to do this.
My confidence and faith in myself, my business and my life in general has increased so much. I know with absolute certainty that in the future if I have any blocks or problems I can turn to Claire and that her guidance will help me to sort through any problems or stumbling blocks that I may have.

It has helped me to confirm my gut feelings and given me the confidence to go with this when making important decisions.
This has helped me to save time pondering, doubting myself and given me absolute peace of mind that I am always moving in the right direction.

The guidance sessions were amazing in that I did not expect them to be so detailed. They gave me lots of food for thought and were very accurate and helpful for the particular situations that I was in at the time.
I always came away feeling lighter and certain of which direction I was going in following them.
I look forward to them every time and would certainly recommend them to anyone.

Thank you so much Claire.

Physiotherapist, Health & Wellbeing Business Owner