Spiritual Blueprint

A focused and purposeful guide to fulfilling your energy potential

The programme can be purchased for £199 as one payment.

For more information and to sign up please follow this link to Personal Blueprint & Ascension Plan page within my Intuitive You School on the Teachable platform at SpiritualBlueprint | Claire Walker Intuitive You (teachable.com)



With access to a guided & channelled insight into your existence and the paths open to you in the present, Claire works with a Celestial team of guides including your own, aligning you with your highest interests to provide a practical insight into who you are and why you’ve come into this incarnation.

This includes channelled insight into your covenant (your Higher self’s greater purpose and reason for existing), the contracts that support it and don’t.

The blueprint features a conflict & distortion clearing chart to help you sweep the path & move forwards without restriction.

And with your spirit guide taking the lead, a practical guide to your suggested next steps to help you implement changes & adjustments.

With 3hrs of focused worktime & channelling on the blueprint and a delivery 121 for Claire to go through it with you.



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