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It’s generally theorised across both camps, the scientific (incl mathematical – geometry, physics, cosmology) and Meta physical that we’re a living torus, that animals & plants are the same, that we are living on a planet that is a living torus in a universe that is a living torus, the russian doll effect has other layers inbetween but you get the idea….

When you understand the sacred geometry of the torus and how it’s formed from a mass of cells/atoms/photons or light particles etc imploding in on itself to create a top and bottom, a mouth & anus, a north pole & south pole, an in and out you can fully appreciate why this is considered as such. Intuitively it’s something I can relate to & have questioned at depth over time.

It’s also said that the torus contains our own geometric pattern making us unique, no two being the same, just as an ice crystal forms into a unique geometric pattern when made solid, it’s considered that we’re the same, a walking crystal in effect, that can break or be damaged, be programmed positively & negatively, that can carry wisdom, emotions, other people’s geometry…….and so much more.

Personally I love learning that dips a toe in both camps, so if you’re like me you’ll probably enjoy understanding more about the torus which will include those of you already familiar with the toroidal field and toroidal flow. If that’s you… you’ll probably love this and the accompanying video I’ll be releasing, an intro to topology. Both topics are favourites of mine and their mechanics are understood more deeply when you understand more about the torus.

An old alchemist & mathematician I’ve been researching with friends – John Dee, was Queen Elizabeth 1st’s personal alchemist & advisor. He once used the phrase Natural magic to describe his work which I love & think reflects so many of us in our pursuit to help others including animals & nature with it.

Duration: 18 minutes

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