2 Month Mentoring Programme

A bespoke 121 Mentoring Programme – with wrap around support tools, resources & community.

The programme can be purchased for £345 as one payment, or split into 2 monthly instalments of £175 per month.

For more information and to enrol please follow this link to the 2 Month Mentoring Programme within my Intuitive You School on the Teachable platform at www.intuitive-you.teachable.com/2-month-mentoring-programme-with-chosen-focus.



Ideal for those who find benefit in having their own personal guide to walk them through this part of their journey, or whose own bespoke journey is much deeper and co-creative in nature, with the ability to explore new territories, new tools, and for the pioneers whose paths are being freshly trodden. All mentoring sessions are recorded enabling you to create your own personal library.


Claire is highly experienced in supporting therapists, practitioners & energy workers in a variety of professions & modalities with expanding their toolkits & intuitive senses. As well as acting as your guide on your journey of self-discovery in the areas of :-

  •   Intuitive Connections & Communications – Finding & tuning you to the frequencies of connection & communications relevant to your journey.
  •  Practitioner Tools – Expanding your toolkit with bespoke intuitive tools to support your work with others as well as your own journey of self discovery.
  •  Collective Conscious – Working with Mind, Ego, Soul, Body & Higher self, bringing your team together to work as a power of one, helping you to work at depth & detail with all connections.
  •  Journey of Self Discovery – Bespoke support during a period of your journey designed to help you reach your potential. Optimising your journey beyond the finding of balance.
  •  Natural Magic – Mentoring in the areas of Alchemy & Topology, allowing you to master & create your own effective formulas of working, bespoke to your purpose.
  •  Problem Solving & Investigation – Sharing & creating bespoke assessment tools to support you and your clients.
  •  Protection – Protection, removal & cleaning, for you, people/clients, animals & places, including work space.

Your resources and support will include

  • 4 bespoke 121 mentoring sessions with Claire (up to 90 mins each) plus an initial planning meeting
  • Access to other learning for free within Claire’s growing Resources hub during the period of mentorship
  • Ongoing communication & mentoring with Claire away from sessions
  • Regular online group meetings with Claire & the other mentorees (optional)
  • Practice & Case Study break out options provided with certain programmes (optional)
  • Certificate of study & completion available to relevant programmes

The added bonus of this programme is that it is contained within this software programme, within your own individual area, allowing notes, case studies, video’s of sessions, milestones & more to be mapped, stored & easily accessed, as well as giving you direct access to Claire’s calendar & messaging system, all in one place!


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